How to Choose the Right Water Softener for Your Home

A Water softener system can improve your quality of life. A good water system can eliminate the daily chores challenges and irritations to the body you may experience as a result of hard water. Some of which include dry hair and skin, stains, scum, funny taste, low-lathering soaps, and the long run expenses of replacing water using appliances when they fail to work as a result of hard water. And water softeners can help resolve all these issues and more.

Besides knowing all the great benefits of water softer, another important aspect to consider is how to choose the right water softener as there are several options available on the market. Here are some of the most important things that can help you make the best decision of selecting the most suitable product for your need.

Amount of Water Hardness Consumed

To pick the right water softener, you will need to know the amount of hardness it will be required to remove each day. You can determine this by your house daily water usage as well as the level of hardness of your water. Someone living alone and usually at work using a limited amount of water will not need the same type of water softener as a family of four with several loads of laundry each week and taking regular baths.

Homes with large household will benefit from a water softener with greater filtering capacity if they want to enjoy softened water without any forms of interruption. You can get a clue of how much water you use monthly from your water bill. Use this simple formula if you don’t have this information available – the number of people in your household multiplied by seventy-five gallons per day. It’ll provide you with a reasonable estimate of your daily water usage.

Level of Water Hardness

Your local utility company should have the information on your level of water harness if you have city water. Sometimes, you can find these companies annual reports online, and you can call the provider to acquire this information. In the instance you have well water or unable to get this information, you will have to do the testing on your own. For a minimal cost, you can get test kits from any home improvement stores.

Water hardness is measured in Grains per Gallon (GPG). If your home requires the removal of 3,640 per day, the correct size of water softener you need is about 32,000 Grain capacities. Now that you have the idea of water softener you require, you can move on to match the right water softener system to your household.

Reviews and Performance Guarantee

One way to get complete information on any water softener product is through ratings and reviews. Look at water softener reviews online as the best units are the ones with high satisfaction rating as well as good customer feedbacks. Also, check the performance guarantee which includes warranty and money-back guarantees.