Is an Electric Chainsaw better than a Gas Chainsaw? Yes it is

Electric Chainsaw Better Than A Gas Chainsaw, Yes

You’re probably reading my headline and thinking no way that’s impossible, and electric chainsaw just can’t be better than a gas chainsaw.

Well! I’ve got news for you, it is possible to have an electric chainsaw that is better than a gas chainsaw. Technology has advanced so much over the years.that today’s electric chainsaws are providing performance and ease of use which makes them better than a gas chainsaw.


  • Maintenance is minimal
  • Low noise levels
  • Some are now more powerful than a gas chainsaw
  • Eco-friendly as they don’t release any fumes
  • Lightweight, making them easier to handle
  • Storage is easy and you can use sparingly without worrying the fuel will be sitting in it for a length of time.
  • Push button start

The above video compares an electric chainsaw versus a gas chainsaw. You can make your own mind up just watching this.



  • You’re limited to length of the power cord
  • No good for felling / bucking large trees

Overall if you do your research on electric chainsaws and compare them to a gas chainsaw you’ll see that they provide great value for money and match them for specifications.


When buying the best chainsaw for you please take into account your experience, a relatively small and lightweight chainsaw would be the best option for a beginner, they have safety features that include automatic cut out when you let go of the button. Could be the difference between a minor accident and a serious accident, a gas chainsaw will keep ticking over even if you let go.


Overall electric chainsaws provide real value for money and ease of use. They’re ideal for the homeowner who has a few trees in the back yard which need pruning every other year. The chainsaw will save you time and speed up the process if pruning as opposed to using a hand saw.


Thanks for reading